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Georgia Horsley’s Birthday Video

Hello everyone!

so with just over 3 months to go until the lovely lady’s birthday - As you all know after the wonderful responce to her scrap book which she loved, I have decided to make her a birthday video!!

I will make it in November - so you have more than enough time to send what you need in! I will tweet her with the link to youtube on her birthday - I definately wont forget because she was born on the same day (& year!) as my fiancé ;)

Below is what you need to do:

Tweet me - email me - or tumblr message me with:

-Your twitter name
And either one of the following:

-A picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper wishing G a happy birthday
-A message for Georgia wishing her a happy birthday!

-If you feel any pictures should be included then please submit these too.

The end video will be composed using the information sent in along with some pictures of Danny & Georgia and some McFly music in the background.

I hope this will generate a good responce as the scrap book did!

I will reblog/retweet this every now and again - but as I said you have 3 months ;)

You can email to

/Jonsley x

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Posted 3 years ago
are danny and georgia still dating?
Anonymous asked

Yes they are :)

They flew out on Wednesday on their holiday.

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Posted 3 years ago
Hi! I love this couple (danny & georgia)! My question is: In what year they started dating?
Anonymous asked

Heya! They started dating in 2009…About November time.

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OMG, SO CUTE!!!!! <3333

This is such an adorable picture of Danny - I had to reblog! X 


OMG, SO CUTE!!!!! <3333

This is such an adorable picture of Danny - I had to reblog! X 

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Hello Tumblr!

Hello followers on Tumblr,

I didnt link you guys the pictures of Georgia’s scrap book!
Here they are below!

I’m also going to be making a video for her birthday (I know its not until December!) Will post more details at a later date - so if you missed the scrap book you could be in that instead!!! - Whole book - Front Page - Last Page with everyones twitter names - Emmar_ on twitter - xSophieWhyBrowx on twitter - Krissi_an on twitter - horsleyarmysp on twitter - Sonicpink & LilLaa2004 on twitter - GeorgiaHLovers on twitter - Carmen_pov on twitter - xX_KiittyF_Xx on twitter

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Georgia (& Danny) Scrap Book

Hello Tumblr & Twitter followers.

As I said before I am making a scrap book for Georgia, I now have everything I need to get started, if you saw my twitter yesterday you would have seen the picture! Lots of things.

Georgia knows that I am making this and she has expressed that she cannot wait to see it! So I’m hoping to make this a brilliant one for her!

You can also be in it!

All you need to do is either message me on Tumblr, or email me at with a message, even your favourite picture if you wish.
You can also include your twitter name which will also be put in the book so Georgia knows who has written what!

This scrap book is not just for Georgia it is also for Danny & Georgia as a couple, this will be the basis of the scrap book.

Please reblog/retweet this for me so that we can make this book a brilliant one.

I have put my name down to attend the M&G at London and my plan is to personally hand this to Danny and request that he pass this onto Georgia!

Everything that gets sent to me WILL be put in the book!*
(*Providing that you are not being horrible - anything horrible wont even be considered!)

I will need your message/picture by Friday 22nd July at the very latest, this is so I can plan how to print them out without my fiance hitting the roof because I’m spending his ink on his printer!

If you have any questions please do ask me!

Otherwise I look forward to reading your messages, I will also tweet a picture of when it is complete!

Lots of Love
TeamJonsley X

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Ello Tumblr Followers!

In light of the McFly M&G, I’ve put my name down to go to the London one.

I would also like to make a little scrap book up for D&G and hopefully give it Danny when I am there.

Who would like to put a message into it?

This is just an idea at the moment! Working on it!

Let me know if you do, I’ll send out more details during the week X

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stupid tumblr wont let me send u the link, so ill tweet you it, if thats okay x
i doubt it will be as amazing as urs though x
teamhorsley asked

Following you now ;) Xx